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Arany Tibor
An Original “Pesti Srác”
Avvakumovits Katica
Things have come full circle
Bálintitt Éva Apor
The healthy hatred of the working class
Béres László
The pig roast will be on Saturday
Buda László Imre
Dreams Fulfilled
Bõjtös László
Together in spite of the distance
Faber Papp Erika
My American Experience of October 23rd, 1956
Farkas Charles
Siege of the Radio Building
Farkas Imre
Miracle of October 27 – The Vác Prison Break
Farkas Lily
Released on Amnesty
Fodor Andrew P.
Pages from an Old Diary
Fordos Marta
The Effects of 1956 Across the Ocean
Fülöp Ágnes
A Student's Memories of the Hungarian Revolution
Fülöp László
Magnificent events begin on ordinary days
Gáal Schott Anikó
The night my life changed
Gajda Ildikó
The Road to Freedom
Halasz Erzsebet
The Hopes of 1956
Halász Sándor T.
What should have happened 11 years ago
Hámos László
A Speech to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary
Hargitai Peter
No-Man’s Land 1956
Harmath István
Memories of '56
Hegedus Laszlo Eugene
Horváth János
The 1956 Hungarian Revolution in the Eyes of Ronald Reagan
Hitter Mária and Miklós
The Price of Freedom
Király Béla
Ten Truths About 1956
Kis Amadé
Commander of Revolutionaries on Móricz Zsigmond Square
Kiss Barbara
Our Escape
Kiss Éva Ibrányi
For Me The Revolution Started in 1955
Kisvarsányi Erika G.
In the Light of the Moon
Kisvarsányi Éva B.
Recollections from 1956
Koller Levente
‘56 Through the Eyes of a Youngster
Kõrössy John
A Hungarian in Heart and Spirit
Laping Francis
An Epitaph for Heroes
Lauer Edith
1956: When the Impossible Seemed Possible
Lauer Rice Andrea
Passing on the Legacy of 1956
Lázár Andrea
The Szabó family
Dr. Lengyel Alfonz
Released from Prison in Time for the Revolution
Lipták Béla
A Response to Imre Nagy’s Granddaughter
Maléter Paul
Child of the Five Year Plans
Markovits Tamás
I missed the shooting at the Radio because of homework I never handed in
Megyeri Kathy A.
The Effects of ‘56 on an American Spouse
Megyeri Leslie (László)
Ode to a Hungarian Freedom Fighter
Muhl Thomas P.
It Has Not Been Long Enough to Forget
Nagy Károly
The Legacy of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
Novak Edit Martha
As I Remember
Novák Ferenc
Class-alien work battalion
Oláh Károly G.
Ország Tibor
My father and grandfather were both gendarmes
Papp László
Personal recollections
Petocz John Jr.
Memories of my father and uncle
Pigniczky Eszti
Storyline for scouts
Pigniczky Réka
JOURNEY HOME: A Film About My Father
Pongrátz András
Toppling of the Stalin statue
Rátoni Nagy
I fought them in Vietnam, because I was too young in Budapest
Paul Sherman
Through the eyes of a 9 year old
Rogers Tom
Driving home from the US Legation
Sarkady Tibor
Who Was a Freedom Fighter?
Shepard William S.
Reflections of an American Diplomat
Soltész Péter
They never did give the shooter up
Somogyi Balázs
A Nation Ascending
Szentkiralyi Endre
My parents fled in 1956
Szablya Helen A
The Strong Legacy of 1956 in the Szablya Family
Szablya Helen M
One Family's Escape to Freedom
Szodfridt Mária
The Story of My Husband: The Terrible Years Before the Revolutio
Szokolay Olga Vallay
My October
Takács Kathy and Martha
Memories of Two Sisters Fleeing Their Homeland
Téglás Csaba
Budapest Exit
Török Steven Julius
Várallyay Julius
Sparked by Technical University students, continued worldwide
Veress Bulcsú
Young foot soldier of the Revolution
Vörös Katalin
At least the children wsill have a future
Willinger Ervin
“Messengers” of the Revolution


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