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Avvakumovits Katica
Things have come full circle
Buda László Imre
Dreams Fulfilled
Fordos Marta
The Effects of 1956 Across the Ocean
Halasz Erzsebet
The Hopes of 1956
Hitter Mária and Miklós
The Price of Freedom
Kisvarsányi Éva B.
Recollections from 1956
Lauer Rice Andrea
Passing on the Legacy of 1956
Megyeri Kathy A.
The Effects of ‘56 on an American Spouse
Petocz John Jr.
Memories of my father and uncle
Pigniczky Eszti
Storyline for scouts
Pigniczky Réka
JOURNEY HOME: A Film About My Father
Szentkiralyi Endre
My parents fled in 1956
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