Active Freedom Fighters
Arany Tibor
An Original “Pesti Srác”
Fodor Andrew P.
Pages from an Old Diary
Fülöp László
Magnificent events begin on ordinary days
Király Béla
Ten Truths About 1956
Kis Amadé
Commander of Revolutionaries on Móricz Zsigmond Square
Kisvarsányi Éva B.
Recollections from 1956
Dr. Lengyel Alfonz
Released from Prison in Time for the Revolution
Lipták Béla
A Response to Imre Nagy’s Granddaughter
Nagy Károly
The Legacy of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
Oláh Károly G.
Papp László
Personal recollections
Pongrátz András
Toppling of the Stalin statue
Sarkady Tibor
Who Was a Freedom Fighter?
Várallyay Julius
Sparked by Technical University students, continued worldwide
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